Marinette St Tropez

ROOM SPRAYS - 100ML - Grasse, France


There is nothing like the emotions that a scent creates when it reminds you of a holiday or the well being to be at home.

Infuse your home with our beautiful Marinette Saint Tropez scents from Grasse, France - The perfume Capital of the world.

Keep your home and linen smelling fresh. We have a fragrance for everyone and every occasion.

ECUME scent is light and fresh evoking the smell of the sea, perfect for hot Summer days.

The spray can be used all through your home. Nothing feels better than a tidy house with a fresh clean and welcoming atmosphere. Our Collection brings a touch of designer luxury to your everyday. Use it in a diffuser or spray generously around your living area, on your cushions, curtains.

Bienvenue chez nous!


Cannelle orange / Orange Cinnamon

Ecume / Sea Foam

Fleur d’oranger / Orange Blossom

Fleur de coton / Cotton Flower

Patchouli / Patchouly

Thé blanc / White tea

Thé vert / Green Tea

Fraicheur Tropezienne

Figue Tree

Amande Verte

Pin Parasol



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