The Long Week End Look!

The Long Week End Look!

With Queen Elyzabeth long week end around the corner, and the cold Winter finally here, I thought I would touch on the Winter Country week end look!

I always loved the White Winter looks, white, light Kaki or beige denim with a gorgeous knit in the same tones of beige, off white or Paris plaster is gorgeous. It is a very cosy look with great feminity. 

We remove all items of jewellery, and fancy bags for a man's watch and super cosy jumpers, beanies and chunky scarfs. 

If you are by the sea, you can throw your french touch with a Striped Mariniere. In France just like here, a week end away is a perfect opportunity to change your look! Your thoughts and recharge. Get rid off your city black and grey and embrasse the casual wear to absorbe the fresh air, smells and relaxed laughters.

Off course on this long week end, you will have time for a gorgeous bath so dont forget to pack your super moisturising mask! I did start my professional life as a qualified beauty therapist, and have a love for skincare and make up! So I will give my opinion on it when we get to the blog of Make up and skincare.

How ever lets just exfoliate and apply a moisturising mask! This are the basics your skin needs weekly but it does really feel like you are giving yourself time! 

The long week end is also a great opportunity to forget your heavy make ups and let you skin breath. Whilst we all need a little make up, I am not too big on the current look of opaque foundation and super drawn eyebrows! I leave this to the want to be American superstar - The French woman has a natural beauty and style and never over do it.

So to keep a fresh look this week end, after your well exfoliated skin and mask, apply a sheer or light foundation (with spf please) choose a tone slightly lighter than your natural tone, it will brighten up your skin a clear fresh feel. A light blush on the high bone or a golden bronzer and mascara. NO NO NO to Heavy foundation, sparling eye shadows, sparlky nude lipstick and fake eyebrows will only add 10 years - 

Before I let you go and pack,  to stay Young and Happy the French Way!

*Smile and Laugh

*Be indulgent, be nonchalant and forget your age

*Cook for the people you love and sometimes for those you dont love

*Look after your looks, your health and your mind

*Dance with loud music on - Its an instant face lift!

*Be passionate about your Family, your House, your work or your Man - it brings so much joy!

*Accept that you cannot control everything and make the most of each day

*Enjoy food and Nature