Cashmere Why it is the best knit ever and how to look after your knitwear

Boujour a toutes!

I thought today would be a good day to start again in Le Blog de Caroline and discuss gorgeous knits on this cold and wet day in Melbourne.

As winter has made its entrance, I will talk about my favorite knit of all - Cashmere.

Expensive YES! But cashmere is as soft as timeless. And warning once you start wearing it, you'll never go back. Its like drinking Champagne versus sparkling

With all the options out there, I find that cashmere is the ultimate luxury, comfort and style for a jumper.
Cashmere is lighter, warmer, sexier, it last and keep its shape, there is no itchiness and nobody can keep their hands of you when you wear it.

Your cashmere will be with you for the next 10years if you look after it. Winter, Summer and travels - it is the ultimate class companion. I build my collection each year adding a couple of pieces.
Cashmere has thermoregulator properties so you will never feel too hot or cold. It will keep your body at its fav temperature.
Cashmere is that perfect partner to effortless style!

I have recently added to my portfolio a new brand - Standard Issue - and they use this gorgeous Italian cashmere. The quality of knitting and the sofisticated colors and styles selection make it a perfect base for your Cashmere adventure.

To me the must have is the V neck sweater in Navy. Perfect Parisian chic, non?
Oh but dont misunderstand me! Whilst I am just like any typical French women loving my luxurious items, the key is to keep it mixed up! A true Francaise will find the local small multi labels boutiques that dont stock the same as all others, chasing the off beat and secret gems. Just like the ones you find with me or with my stockists accross Australia.

Because of its difficut production conditions and its scarity.
Cashmere comes from Cashmere goat's hair. To produce this unique hair, the goat are kept at high altitude, to adapt to the harsh climate of Mountains the goats develop a double fleece. An outer guard layer to protect and undercoat made of ultrathin hair with strong insulating properties. Keep them warm in Winter but not too hot in Summer.
A goat produces an average of 150gr per year and it takes 300gr to make a jumper. Only 6000 tones are produces yearly. The best cashmere yarn comes from Italy & Scotland, some are produced in France, Tibet and China. Brands that love quality and Style will then produce their cashmere knit collection from Yarns of these provenances.

How to look after your knits - Easy!

Everytime one of you come in we share knowlege and anecdotes, we laugh, talk family, work, food or travel. I love that! Meanwhile I try to do what I do best - style you and share what I specialise in. These chats remind me each time of a new subject to share my experience on. Today : How to look after your knits.
The shrank jumper, Or your favorite jumper eaten by moths. I will cover the tricks to look after your knits with easy gestures, and enjoy them for years.

Cashmere is to me a noble material and delicat to the skin but very resilient and it loves water. During the first 6months it is even recommended to wash it frequently. Every wear if warn directly on the skin or second wear. This will settle the fine fibres and balling.

Pilling or balling is not unusual with natural fibers, it stops once washed a few times. It goes for wool too.

Now I had this conversation with a few of you this week. if you had a jumper washed in the machine that shrank even though you had it on delicat, your machine was certainly out of sync, and running an other program. Make sure you reset your Washing Machine before you do a wool or delicat wash, this should actually be done once a month. Each brand has their own way but just google your machine's brand reset guidelines and it will give you the steps.

I also do an empty wash to clear any fibers and dirty water in pipes on that day before any wash. I throw a couple White King tablets to desinfect. You could also use white vinegar.

Knitwear Care

Detergent : I use the Durance Lime Blossom, it is based with Marseille Soap (century of women washing and gossiping at the communal bassin -  This french soap made its proof) Though the Durance is the new liquid version and smells divine - it can be purchased at one of my stockists Durance Armadale.

You can also use mild wool detergent or baby shampoo.

By Hand : in cold water, do not twist.

By Machine : Cold delicat, handwash or wool cycle. Normally this would be about 500 revolutions per minute.

Cashmere does not like softener, its own softness suffice.
You could add a few drops of white vinegar in the rinse, it will make your cashmere shine and protect it.
Like all knits, it should dry flat, far away from heat or sunlight

To Store your knitwear : Best kept inside a drawer to avoid light and dust. I keep cedar's wood sachets with it as it repels moths. I also have my most precious knits seperatly folded with a paper and into a zip lock.

Cedar's sachets are available in showroom 
I place cedar's oil on wood balls accross the entire wardrobe. You too have over the last days pulled out your favorite warm jumper and some moths have made a feast of it... So it is important to renew these regularly. Moths are most active during the summer months just when we forget we have jumpers.