120407-onestep-lb-sil015-9.jpgFeel The Emotion

One Step is a declaration of adventure, creativity and zest for life. Yet each collection embodies universal feminity, using an unusual blend of colours, fabrics, prints and design. With originality and singularity, One Step switches between subtle hues and unstructured shapes to create a soothing harmony that gently teases with subtle quirkyness.


The One Step woman unconditionally loves life, making the most of each moment of everyday.  Nothing can stop her. She is active, accomplished and confident. But she can also be ambiguous – changing her appearance at will, guided by her instincts and emotions. Retro-romantic, dressed up, casual, masculine or feminine, she can delve into her wardrobe to create a look that is personal and daring. One step is the inspiration for her creativity.


Each season, One Step draws on its past to create new designs brimming with different influences, contrasts and clever ambivalence. The inimitable style of mixing periods, volume and materials define the rhythm of this French label.


Sizing Australian 6 to 18